Guest Policies

Club Guests:

Since Ridglea has been voted “Best Family Friendly Club” in Fort Worth, we pride ourselves in making each experience as memorable as possible. To help make your visit enjoyable, we bring the following rules to your attention:


Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times, unless other arrangements have been authorized by the General Manager per the Club by-laws.

Guests are expected to observe all House and Golf Rules of Ridglea Country Club.

Ridglea Country Club is a non-smoking facility. Smoking will be permitted on the exterior seating areas of the Family (North) Clubhouse including the 19th Hole patio, on the grass areas around the pool and the exterior porches of the Championship (South) Clubhouse. This includes e-cigarettes.

Clubhouse Dress Code

Members and their guests are expected to wear clothes appropriate to a dining environment. Members are requested to remember the social nature of the Club and to dress themselves and their children in good taste.

Cut-off shorts, running shorts, jeans with holes, swim suits, cover-ups, men’s shirts where the underarm is exposed and short shorts are specifically prohibited in all dining rooms.

Gentlemen must remove their hats while in the Dining Room and Family Grill, as well as at all Club events, unless specified by the theme of the event.

Gentlemen and boys over the age of twelve (12) are required to wear coats in the Dining Room and at all holiday events using the Dining Room and the Ballroom.

Jeans are not permitted in the Dining Room except when attending a function where the dress code is otherwise specified.

Bathing suits or cover-ups are not permitted in the Clubhouse or Midway/Tennis Shop at any time.

Shoes must be worn in the Clubhouse and Midway/Tennis Shop at all times.


The etiquette of golf as prescribed by the United States Golf Association shall apply to the Ridglea Country Club golf courses, and may be found in Section I of the USGA Rules of Golf published each year.

Guests accompanied by a member are allowed to utilize the driving range and practice facility for a driving range fee. The same rules governing the golf course will govern the driving range and practice areas.

Guests MUST play with a member or obtain a Guest Card in accordance with Club Bylaws, and only if the Director of Golf deems their play will not interfere with that of members.

Golf Dress Code

Members, guests and visitors must be properly attired at all times when using the courses, practice tees, putting greens or any practice facility.

Proper covering of the upper body is required. “Tank Tops” “midriffs”, “tube tops” or any backless tops will not be permitted. Adult males will be required to wear shirts with collars and sleeves.

Mock turtleneck with a collar length of a minimum of 1 ½ inches will be permitted.

If shorts are worn, they all be described as “Bermuda type” or “walking type”, which extend down to six (6) inches from the knee. Specifically disallowed are cut-off jeans, short shorts and jogging shorts. Blue denim jeans, pants or shorts are not permitted.

All golfers must wear socks with shoes.

Spikeless shoes are mandatory at Ridglea Country Club. Only golf shoes or flat sole shoes are permissible. Rippled sole shoes or shoes with rubber cleats, such as soccer shoes, are not allowed.


The member must register all guests at the Pool Desk and is responsible for payment of guest fees and charges, as well as for the conduct of guests.

Proper swimming attire is required of all swimmers. Cut-off jeans and shorts are not permitted. Exposed undergarments are strictly prohibited.

Children under the age of 12 years of age may not be at the pool without adult supervision. If children are without supervision, the parent will be called to come pick them up.


The member must register all guests and is responsible for payment of guest fees and charges, as well as for the conduct of guests.

Tennis Dress Code

Proper tennis attire shall be worn at all times. No “cut-offs” or “jeans” will be permitted on the courts.

Tennis shoes only are permitted on the courts. No black soled shoes or running shoes allowed.

Shirts must be worn at all times.

No bathing suits allowed in Tennis Shop/Midway.


Only members of Ridglea Country Club and their out of town guests will be eligible to use the Fitness Center.

Children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the Fitness Center.

Fitness Center guests are determined as non-members who live outside of our local area as defined in our Club by-laws that accompany a member. Guests are permitted to use the Fitness Center for a daily guest fee. All guests must complete a medical questionnaire and waiver prior to using the Fitness Center.

Kid’s Klub

Childcare services will take children by reservation only. For the scheduling of staff, all reservations for the morning must be made by 5:00 pm the night before and for the evening reservations must be made no later than 2:00 pm on the same day.

No child will be admitted to the Kid’s Klub without a health card on file. These cards are available in the Kid’s Klub.

Children with fever, skin rash, or who otherwise appear to be ill will not be admitted. The childcare attendant has the right to refuse a child for these reasons.

The age limit of a child is three (3) months through eight (8) years of age (9th Birthday).

Any child under the age of one (1) has a three (3) hour limit. All other children have a six (6) hour limit in the facility.

Lunch and dinner will be served to the children at approximately 12:00 noon and 6:00 pm at published dining room prices.

All children are required to take a nap from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

A member of the Club must be present when a child is both checked in and checked out of the Kid’s Klub.

A $7.00 overtime fee will be enforced for each 15 minutes past the six hour limit and/or past the stated closing time.

Guests are not permitted on Saturdays or Holidays, unless otherwise approved by management.

We are a State Licensed Center, and because we are licensed, parents are permitted to leave the Club.

All staff is certified to work with children.

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